Friday, September 10, 2010

Completion of Leovich Landing in sight

On September 8, the base layer for the parking lot was put down and rolled, and the curb which keeps road run-off headed for the storm drain was installed, as were the two asphalt parking aprons. During the next two weeks we will take delivery of the parking lot top course of gravel, and get the fence post holes dug.

On September 25, Oxford Boy Scout Troop 147 will come on site to essentially finish the job, including

Spread the gravel top coat on the parking lot
Erect the fence
Put up a new sign
Assemble and install the picnic table on a wood chip base
Plant and mulch the oval
Edge the path to the ramp
Miscellaneous clean up

We are continuing to get wonderful in-kind donations and discounts from local businesses, helping us stay on budget.

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